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Zesty Dreams Room/Linen Spray

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Our Room and Linen Sprays are here! From the exquisite look to the nicely scented fragrances, they are made for you to love. Spray them in your space, or directly on your bedsheets, linens, pillows, or clothing. These sprays are carefully curated for to bring calmness and peace to your space. 

Specific details

  • These room and linen sprays are scented and hand-poured in Los Angeles, California.
  • They are made with fragrance and essential oils, some all the way from Haiti!
  • They are 100 ML and made to last! 

Our sprays are: 

  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Water-based
  • Body-safe

Zesty Dreams is made with cucumber mint, pink rose and citronella. Our Citronella is from Haiti. Citronella is known to help with many things. Flying insects are repelled, negative attitudes are lifted, and the body and mind are relaxed when citronella is used. It's said to help with muscle spasms, headaches, and energy levels. So we know you will love it! 


  1. Shake well before use. 
  2. Keep away from eyes.
  3. May cause an allergic skin reaction.
  4. Keep away from flammables.
  5. Keep away from children and pets.